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Client PrioGames Launcher HD

Graphics: OpenGL 1.4/DX9 Systems: WIN XP/7/8/10

Download game:
Link will be added after game update

- Exit Client > Paste "minimap.otmm" to folder on Windows Disk C: > Users > [userName] > PRIOclient

Problems with start game?

ERROR: vcruntime140.dll missing, can't start the client.

Cause: you are missing the Microsoft Visual package/DLL in system.
Solution 1: Download this and paste to client folder.
Solution 2: Download the package for your system either x64 for 64 bit or x86 for 32 bit, install both packages if the issue persists.

ERROR: 0xc000007b

Cause: Corrupt, wrong or missing DLLs
Solution 1: Download all Windows Updates
Solution 2: Redownload the client/launcher, always start as admin, re-install the Microsoft Visual Package

ERROR: Connection Error 10060

Cause: Firewall/antivirus blocking the client
Solution: Add the prioclient (not the launcher, the client exe itself) as an exception to your antivirus/firewall

Running in Administrative mode can also fix some issues.

Fix Ping in Games by Leatrix Latency
Reduces lags, increases walking speed

You need this client to play Dragon Ball Priority, because if you try to connect using other clients or old versions of DBP client you can get lots of debugs!


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